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  1. Fuel based on only certain BASE rates
  2. How can i auto populate Informational cost on Buy shipment using rate record
  3. EXCHANGE Rate ID changed on shipment should refelect the new currency conversion
  4. RIQ Screen and Applying Margin to Total Cost
  5. Buy Shipment not picking up rate record
  6. Rounding Off the Charge Multiplier field to nearest integer
  7. Defining regions with Postal Codes
  8. How to Hide Base Rate if an OVERRIDE RATE exists for the lane?
  9. Shipment rating based on end of day consolidation of total weight/volume of shipments
  10. shipment cost should flow from buy shipment to sell shipment
  11. DETENTION CHARGES : Charge Basis
  12. Fuel Rule when DOE Fuel Index falls below threshold, Fuel Surcharge does not apply
  13. Where do I insert exchange rate definition into my OR?
  14. Wrong cost Calculation of Multileg single Shipment
  15. Region Hierarchy Planning
  16. Using Order ref qualifier value for rate
  17. Charge for Extra Pickup stop and Drop stop in Multistop rate
  19. Error While Creating Rate Record !!!!
  20. Loading meter rates
  21. Rating issue - riq rates perfectly but bulk plans come up with different rates
  22. Per day rate in OTM
  23. Cost Detail- default rounding?
  24. How to change tender email format and edit details to be send to carrier on tender.
  25. Location validation using PcMiler
  26. Rates based on Pallets on Floor
  27. Shipment Stop Location Refnum as Rate Basis
  28. System considering Default Currency Exchange Rate
  29. SMC - TL Configuration
  30. Stop Sequence Rating
  31. RIQ help - Using OB Refnums to Identify Equipment Type
  32. How to automate the action 'calculate_provincial_tax_invoice'
  33. Shipment Refnum Value as Distance
  34. Can OTM calculate detention? (v 6.3.2)
  35. Rates based on Stop Type and Stop Number
  36. Duplicate costs on a shipment
  37. Multiple sell base costs need to show on one line
  38. [SOLVED] Commitment Count Issue
  39. Creating Sell shipments with cost as a % of buy shipment base costs
  40. Rate Costs based on Order Release Attribute
  41. Multi-leg Shipment Accessorials
  42. Equipment Rate on Daily Basis
  43. Create Secondary Charge - Tariff Error
  44. Difference Between LTL-SMC and ROADWAY-TIMECRITICAL
  45. Why OTM does not update the sequence numbre when Rate Recor is created by tables ?
  46. Rating on Priority Basis
  47. Multiple Service Providers on Single Rate Service
  48. Multistop rating : select maximum stop cost
  49. How to validate City is spelled correctly while loading Rates using CSV files?
  50. Rate Calculations.
  51. OTM 5.5 with Kewill Flagship
  52. [SOLVED] Rate mismatch
  53. External Distance Engine
  54. Trying to create rate record using delivery stop weight only...not pickup weight
  55. [SOLVED] Rate Basis of "Shipment Total Transit Time" and Simulation rate service
  56. Force rounding down at .5
  57. Difference in Total Actual Costa and Cost while running RIQ
  58. Getting error while serching rates by OTM ask
  59. Caclulate cost based on Shipment's ship unit count basis
  60. Querying Logistics Guide
  61. Rate break for Volume with more than 2 decimal points
  62. Can a storage be rated in OTM?
  63. Accesorail cost in rate factor rule vs Accesorail cost in individual Rate offering
  64. Need documentation guide for Contract and Rate Management in OTM
  65. Invoke v 6.3 Customized RATE_INQUIRY Manager Layout
  66. Regional Fuel Surcharge
  67. Edit Shipment Quantities Function & ReCalculate Shipment Costs Question
  68. Different Buy Rates for Ocean Freight and Local charges with single Sell rate
  69. Single Base cost line after adding all applicable rate costs
  70. NFRC rules for Warehouse related charges (Labour, Handling etc)
  71. Slab based rating in OTM (not Break profile)
  72. RIQ at quote level
  73. What is the significance of the field 'Location' on handling rate record
  74. RIQ displaying wrong results in case "Ship Unit" information is not given
  75. Common Rate Offering/Rate Records for Multiple Service Providers(Customers)??
  76. "Change Service Provider" Action does not consider rates for different hierarchy
  77. Bundled Sell Rates against Multiple Buy Rate
  78. Marginal RR Cost Calculation - With Conditions
  79. Relation between accessorial cost and rate factor
  80. Fedex International Rating using Kewill Flagship
  81. Calculating Monthly Cost of Trucks
  82. Base cost calculation in LTL shipment with SMC Discount
  83. How to calculate base cost for LTL shipment
  84. Rate Calculation on Weight Formula
  85. Is there a way to calculate step rates based on container quantity
  86. Fuel Surcharge on Base minus Discount but not including other Accessorials
  87. Need recommendations for best way to calculate Detention
  88. Shipment cost based on Day wise (shipment end time).
  89. Stop Off Charges on shipment stops
  90. Rate Structure - Zip Exceptions
  91. XSL for Rate Inquiry screen.
  92. [SOLVED] RIQ exception: Unable to resolve 'CommandLineSessionHome'
  93. RIQ - Need help on "Commodities" section
  94. Please explain the Rate Expiration Date heirarchy
  95. How to configure segment wise rates
  96. Rate Records with multiple minimum rates?
  97. Can someone please explain the "PROPER" way to load TL/LTL rate in OTM?
  98. Accessorial cost based on number of containers
  99. Lock in Buy Base Cost After Tender Accept
  100. Sell Rates from Buy Base cost with different % of accessorial costs
  101. Single Planning Domain With Multiple Customers
  102. RIQ - Need guidance
  103. Rating based on radius
  104. Commitment count issue
  105. Feedback on SMC Rateware cloud solution
  106. RIQ vs Planning
  107. Rating on Basis on Reference Number
  108. Rounding Dim Weight - OTM ignores rounding rule
  109. Simplify - Rate Offering and Rate Record
  110. Use of Location Profiles or Operational Locations for multi-leg shipment
  111. Getting error while doing the Assign Rate action for a shipment
  112. Rating using Reference Numbers for Loading Meters
  113. Configuring Parcel Rates
  114. FSC not showing up in RIQ, however is shows percent of base cost in rate offering
  115. Automate Cost Allocation for order release, planning shipment through bulk plan
  116. Fuel Rate Fator Rule with alternating Cost of 0.05 USD and 0.06 USD Factor Increase
  117. Rating based on Equipment Usage
  118. 8-Digit Postal Code
  119. Fuel surcharge with fuel perice per gallon, rate per mile and weight break
  120. [SOLVED] Deficit Weight Rating stops at the 10M Weight Break (Rate +10M at 10M Weight Break)
  121. Loading RATE_FACTOR_RULE_VALUE_BREAK table by CSV
  122. Unable to update 'NULL' through CSV upload
  123. Rating by Day wise
  124. rate records for vice versa locations
  125. DIM Factor issue
  126. Assign Rate Action - Error
  127. Assign Rate Function : Upgrade
  128. LTL Rating question
  129. 8-Digit Postal Code
  130. OTM not applying minimum Accessorial Cost when distance is 0
  131. Rate Records w/ a rate offering of type SPOT
  132. How do I code a RIQ query to include a starting point with an itinerary
  133. External Distance Engine
  134. Yellow 89 Rating Tool
  135. Verify OTM Help Instructions: Creating Canadian Postal Codes
  136. Cost allocation on Order release level Vs Best Direc Cost
  137. 'cause.ProfileNotExist' Error while doing 'Release Schedule Instance'
  138. rates related upload question
  139. Rating related question
  140. Cost Allocation
  141. Fuel Surcharge Accessorial Codes based upon Per Mile. Flat, or Minimum Charge
  142. Cost allocation at the Line level in shipment
  143. Can you specify a NMFC code at the Location Level
  144. How to Export and Expire Old (Unused) Rate Records?
  145. Max conditions in Rating
  146. Using conditions on accessorial_costs
  147. Calculated rate factor value for fuel surcharge
  148. Fuel Surcharge Question
  149. recalculating the shipment cost based on waiting time in the stops
  150. TroubleShoot CarrierConnect
  151. Weekend or Vacation driven shipments
  152. Sell side rate using Ship Unit Line Item Package Count
  153. Can I create a rate offering without "Service Provider"?
  154. [SOLVED] Calculating Rate at the Item Level
  155. Can we create sell shipment with buy side charge(with margin) without cost allocatio?
  156. Accessorial Costs - Weighted Costs
  157. Cannot Accept Tender - Step Tendering
  158. Calculate COntracted Rate Flag
  159. Unapplied Shipment Cost for SMC rates
  160. Adding One Day Transit Time to the Carrier Connect Service Time?
  161. How to configure rate such that, it would pickup the minimum cost and stop off charge
  162. CONTINENTAL USA to HAWAII ltl rating
  163. OTM 6.1.2 Not Returning LTL Rates during RIQ (or Bulk Planning)
  164. rate record geo-hierarchy question
  165. Turnoff Date validation for Transit Time calcualtion
  166. Can CSV upload be used to populate Exchange Rate
  167. Hide the cost Type Others in the finanacial Tab of the Shipment
  168. Commitment Count.
  169. Problem when I am creating LTL rate record...
  170. Rate Inquiry not returning values with Ship to = Country,Zip, Zone or Location
  171. Capacity Limit
  172. Porting from legacy rating system into OTM
  173. Customer/Sender Specific Discounts @ Rate Offering Level
  174. Favor high deficit service provider in trans opt
  175. Unable to fetch data Czarlite rate for a new tariff name from OTM
  176. Multi Stop Rating in OTM
  177. Rate Quality
  178. OTM Standard functionality to configure Service Levels
  179. What is the relationship between Rate service, Rate offering and Rate Record ?
  180. Adding Accessorial to a Manual Shipment
  181. Accesorial charge assignment based on related shipment
  182. accessorial charge for weekend delivery
  183. Trying to get SPECIAL SERVICE calculated with accessorial cost attached to it @ RIQ
  184. Carrier connect!
  185. rate offering
  186. delete a rate record
  187. Help to apply fuel surcharge on accessorial
  188. Maximum number of Rate Costs in a Rate Record
  189. Interface to RIQ to pull rates
  190. Applying waiting charge at shipment stops
  191. CSV Upload Error
  192. Different cost per stop
  193. rare factor
  194. Rate Parameters
  195. Shipments with multiple delivery stops and each stop has a different cost
  196. Multistop shipment not adding up rate cost of the 3 ORs
  197. Fuel surcharge
  198. Capacity Commitment
  199. using SHIPMENT.INVOLVES_NIGHT_DRIVING as Rate Record Cost Operand
  200. SELL Rate based upon a BUY Rate, but need to excluded Fuel Charge from the Markup %
  201. Can I set up a SELL Rate Offering without a Service Provider ID?
  202. During Bulk Planning, Rate is not getting picked.
  203. Pounds per Cubic Feet
  204. Rounding at Rate Record Level
  205. How to use calendar on Accessorial Costs
  206. Rate Manual Shipment
  207. Where is the best location to store the Equipment Group Profile ID? RO or RR?
  208. Can we display shipment cost per stop?
  209. Saved Rate Inquiries
  210. RIQ and Show Routing Options
  211. Accessorial cost per pick up stop
  212. Limit plan shipment through products declare value
  213. Considering ltl weight breaks
  214. Rate Record- OR Refnum value not found (Bug?)
  215. Rate Service Time Accessorial not displaying
  216. Configuring a return trip rate cost instance
  217. Marginal Cost on Rate Record
  218. Fuel Surcharge precision and rate factor processing
  219. Rate files from a sister-domain - no domain grants.
  220. Accessorial Cost Expiration
  221. Rate Service type (Day Duration / Look up Calendar) doesnt work
  222. Substitute for Kewill in Parcel rating.
  223. Rate Service in Rateware setup
  224. Rate inquiry with Total Transit Time
  225. Override the lesser cost rate record
  226. Kewill Rates for consolidation through pools/ cross-docks
  227. Rate for consol shipment
  228. Tiered Pricing
  229. Rate inquiry doestnt giving proper results
  230. Multi-Stop Rate Records using Rate Basis Condition Rules
  231. Unavailable to edit locations
  232. Could not understand the logic behind multi-costs rule?
  233. Accessorial cost per stop
  234. [SOLVED] Assign Rate to SAW
  235. Multi Cost Rule - ADD
  236. rate record geography
  237. Editing RIQ XSL in 6.1
  238. Problem with Rate Quality
  239. Experience with Assigning Parcel Mode
  240. Rating with most specific geo hierarchy
  241. java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException - Shipment not rated
  242. Rate Management Software?
  243. Error while retriveing the time on screen find (distance/time)
  244. Least Cost is not picking up
  245. Not able to retrieve LTL rates.
  246. Rate Condition - Status
  247. Inactivate Rate records
  248. A problem about tiered rating
  249. Changing one rate record changes many
  250. cost basis on number of delivery stops