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  1. EBS x OTM
  2. Error in uploading CSV file
  3. How to Integrate Vehicle GPRS Tracking System with Oracle Transportation Management?
  4. 6.4.1 IntXml Service
  5. HTTPPost Acknowledgement
  6. OTM 6.4.1 and RESTful web services
  7. Integration error
  8. OTM Cloud integration with JDE
  9. Transorder tag in Out XML Profile
  10. Create Ship Unit Specification through integration
  11. integration Order updates to shipment level and recalculate cost
  12. Issue related to the transmissions listed on the output screen need to be in sorted
  13. Not able to send Planned Shipment xml to out
  14. Loaded_Distance not populated properly according to calculated distance from PCMiler
  15. Delete Shipment Refnum
  16. Transmission Header Update for Certain condition
  17. Set Order Release Attribute via interface not on XSD
  18. How to schedule procedure DBMS_AQADM.PURGE_QUEUE_TABLE
  19. OTM WMS Integration
  20. Connectvity between OTM to BPEL
  21. Inbound Transmissions stuck with STAGED status after upgrade to version 6.3.5
  22. Duplicate transactions are creating while creating transmission for shipment
  23. [SOLVED] Rename file name sent on FTP outbound from OTM
  24. Planned Shipment Error in integration
  25. OTM Voucher lines to EBS AP Interface
  26. BNG Creation for Invoice to include SCAC code in XID
  27. XML to execute in sequencw
  28. XML inserted via Direct XML integration not processing
  29. Send remark via Integration
  30. Strategy to build an "End of Integration" Alert
  31. Regd release inbound XML
  32. Otm cloud web service not response soap ui urgent!
  33. [SOLVED] Otm cloud web service soap ui
  34. Actual Shipment updating Weight and Volume - Urgent
  35. GLOG Refnum in Event tracking
  36. Shipment GID refnum in Tracking event
  37. Create XML trasnsmission using EDI inbound
  38. Ship Units not updated with OR Update xml
  39. How to set transmission priority?
  40. Error Actual Shipment EBS-OTM
  41. Regd integration saved queries
  42. XML vs Payload XML
  43. Integration Saved Query in Agents
  44. Mapping item attribute in EBS with GTM Product Classfication in ItemSync.xsl
  45. OTM 6.3.x and RESTful web services
  46. Actual Shipment Permission
  47. SciQuest Advanced Sourcing Optimizer (formerly CombineNet) Integration with OTM
  48. Read OTM business object through web service
  49. Send a tranmission via command line
  50. Share Order Release Line between Ship Units
  51. OTM- WMS Integration
  52. How to use otm with rwms ?
  53. OTM Bill - EBS AR Invoice Integration
  54. Integration Saved Query on GTM Transaction
  55. Regd integration saved queries
  56. Regd integration saved queries
  57. Error Integration TSShipUnit.java:4044 ActualShipment
  58. Public Tracking Java Pages in OTM
  59. Web service Required for Bill to AR Integration
  60. OTM 6.3.7 and inbound transmisions not recived
  61. Can a Modify Dispatch in Fleet Management send out just the deltas?
  62. [SOLVED] Send voucher/allocation xml
  63. Outbound xsl:stylesheet for Order base Line
  64. Help in SMC3 integration with OTM - Advantages, Disadvantages and Challenges
  65. Is it possible to restrict PlannedShipment data by stop and related orders
  66. Transmission Query no Data found
  67. A connection to the server could not be established: null (user=XXXX)-LDAP
  68. Actual Shipment Re-Sequence via Integration
  69. Web Serivce not found
  70. Sync Production Data with other Environments
  71. Integration for Region
  72. Agent Order Base Type Integration Order Base
  73. Outbound Data Queue
  74. Unable to Interface Planned shipments from OTM to EBS
  75. How to null out a value using xml integration
  76. Data Queue "INTEGRATION IN DIRECT XML" v.s. Process "Direct XML Transmission"
  77. Xml packaged itm not update
  78. Agent failing when sending a OR from one domain to another using HTTPPOST
  79. Multileg Shipment - Integration to EBS
  80. Problem generating web service stubs in JDEV XLANE & XLane conflict
  81. Error Inbound EBS-SOA
  82. Outbound to OTM
  83. OTM and oracle AP integration
  84. [SOLVED] Error dont send outbound integration
  85. Add uom
  86. Data Queue definations in different clusters
  87. Error Integrarion Inbound
  88. Unable to match the ShipmentGid
  89. Need to Send data from Multiple OUs of EBS to One Domain of OTM using Financial PIPs
  90. Failed to send the shipment from OTM to EBS.
  91. Integration Saved query not working
  92. Transmission Errors
  93. Pointing OTM 6.3.3 to newly created EBS instance
  94. OTM 6.3.1 Integratiion with R12.2.4
  95. Generic_Remote_Exception error when processing the EDI214
  96. How to add SOAP HEADER in OTM
  97. OTM 6.3.5 integration using Python 2.6
  98. [SOLVED] EDI 315 into OTM - Where is VesselName stored?
  99. Order Release xml with Ship Unit
  100. Data Mapping
  101. Creation of SOAP Wrapper
  102. EDI 315 into OTM - Ocean carriers don't use OTM Shipment ID
  103. creating External systems
  104. OTM and Ebs integration
  105. Point as decimal separator
  106. OTM Technical concepts
  107. PC Miller X_Lane creation error
  108. Error in sending Outbound XML
  109. Integration with SAP Invoice Line Item
  110. Need xml for actualshipment to insert secondary charges through integration
  111. Need to Reprocess transmission externally through DB Queries
  112. Fixing Error in Transmission.
  113. Agent is not triggering on TRACKING EVENT - CREATED (Before Persist - Integration)
  114. Integration saved queries
  115. Does OTM allow creation of new XML element
  116. Out XML Profiles - XML Template - Use Data
  117. What is Tender offer Wsdl name
  118. NameSpace Property in OTM
  119. OTM SOA Integration
  120. OTM and EBs integration
  121. SMS setup in OTM
  122. Shipment Status by LocationID
  123. Adding new order lines on shipment and Order using ActualShipment XML
  124. EDI configuration process with FTP External system
  125. OTM Interation with SAP
  126. [SOLVED] Shipment status XML failing to get processed
  127. DB_LINK update user
  128. Can the transmission processing time be reduced
  129. OTM SNO Demantra Integration
  130. Way to extract bulk order release xml from one instance and load in other instance
  131. Regd outxml profile
  132. How to retrieve transmissionReport in response XML
  133. PO integration with OTM
  134. Inbound Transmission throws error while sending the Ack. Report
  135. ie_shipmentstatus
  136. Problem in sending outbound from OTM to SAP PI
  137. HTTP Post for inbound transmission not working? Not able to find issue
  138. updating ServiceProvider via Actual Integration
  139. Outbound transaction is fresh
  140. AS.CSV Template
  141. Raise Shipment Custom Agent via Integration
  142. Auto Calculate Stop Time
  143. Unable to upload Trans Order
  144. External Call Thru UTL_HTTP("https://<host>/servlet?parameter)
  145. Need to post CSV file from a client system into OTM server using WMServlet
  146. OTM to EBS thru SOA
  147. OTM Outbound Transmissions on SSL
  148. Null out field with Intergration
  149. Change of glogAdvisor@glog.com mail id
  150. Inbound Transmissions stuck in STAGED status
  151. OTM integration with Ebs OM
  152. High Transmissions affecting system performance
  153. Java SDK installation for OTM & EBs integration
  154. Transmission Report using CONTACT
  155. CSV upload via Integration
  156. OUTBOUND Transmission Errors
  157. Tender_response xml gives wrong status
  158. Out xml Profile for FinancialSystemFeed
  159. Tender offer xml decimal precision
  160. Document Interface
  161. HTTP Failure 400 at sun.reflect.GeneratedConstructorAccessor1359 for PlannedShipment
  162. Change Service Provider via the Actuals Transmission from EBS to OTM
  163. Integration to SMC Rateware
  164. Integration to Milemaker
  165. Integration Saved Query for Stop Numbers
  166. Urgent :- Deadlocks in OTM Inbound Order Release Modification Interface
  167. Configuration Setups are transfer from one instance to another instance
  168. Imbedding SQL in Inbound XML
  169. Tender Response
  170. OTM Integration with SAP
  171. OTM element ''GeneralLedgerGid '' which EBS element needs to Map
  172. Unable to start services on Application server
  173. Integartion through RFC Call
  174. How To Map Tender Response EDI 990 with OTM (What is the Process Flow )
  175. EDI 990: Response to a Load Tender
  176. Actual Shipment adding a new Ship unit
  177. EBS and OTM integration issue
  178. Tender Email notifications
  179. How send tender offer through External System using FTP or BPEL
  180. Sending Invoice details to SAP AP module
  181. Error on planning order with items created by integration
  182. Actual Update into EBS fails
  183. HTTP Error 500
  184. glog.integration
  185. Help, External System Exception
  186. Bring Shipment from 3rd party and marry it to OTM Order Release in OTM?
  187. Required Help
  188. [SOLVED] TenderOffer xml missing ShipmentStop Remark Qualifer Gid
  189. OTM interface with SAP
  190. OTM integration with Cheetah Delivery routing and dispatch software
  191. SAP PI to OTM integration problem
  192. Adding in more elements in Out XML Profile
  193. EDI 204 mapped to Release XML Document
  194. OTM SOA Integration Issue with WM Servlet
  195. Procedure on Order creation is behaving erratically
  196. Error description needed.
  197. Queue creation
  198. OTM 6.3.3 Cannot define Data Version ID
  199. Receiving a 401 error from OTM WebService
  200. help with query
  201. Help maped fields
  202. Integration Tools matrix
  203. Second Update from Carrier does not Update Delivery Appointment
  204. E2open-Webmethods to OTM connectivity SSO issue
  205. New UOM Configuration
  206. Inbound transmission stuck in 'FRESH' status.
  207. [SOLVED] XML file not posted to OTM from SOA
  208. Flex fields not sent in outbound release
  209. Mandatory Fields
  210. Error in Build/send XML integration for service topic: PersistXML=true, gauranteeDeli
  211. Unable to send outbound transmissions From OTM to ERP
  212. How do you make SOAP XML for a Rate Query XML
  213. Integration of OTM with OBIEE
  214. Integratin Saved Query for Invoice not working
  215. Integrating with OTM using WSDL?
  216. [SOLVED] Can not close the trip in EBS ?? Urgent ??? any one can help ?
  217. OTM = Demantra Integration
  218. Unable to commit shipment X because it has been updated by another ...
  219. Urgnt :- Error while calling IntXML Webservice Call to OTM
  220. Interface Transmission does not reach endpoint for specific WSDL and OTM Instance
  221. Diff Release Instruction Transaction in One Transaction XML cretes one OR
  222. Domain Structure mapped Object in SAP
  223. sample XML of invoice needed!
  224. Not able to send Planned Shipment interface to external system...
  225. [SOLVED] Communication method stuck on MANUAL
  226. [SOLVED] problem with planned shipment ?
  227. OTM Web services
  228. ReplaceChildren with Managed Child
  229. Buy Shipment not getting interfaced to BPEL
  230. OTM vs EBS: Location IDs and Service Provider IDs
  231. NMFC Class mapping - ShipUnitContentWrapper/ReleaseLineWrapper error
  232. Unable to View uploaded data
  233. OM to OTM Integration to get Ship Method
  234. Web Service Error
  235. How to update shipment event through shipmentstatus xml for a new shipment
  236. Insert STCC ID with Item XML
  237. Problem with "Included Xpath" length in the Out xml profile
  238. Hidden Shipment Events Display in Customer Facing Portal
  239. Modify Inbound XML
  240. MS Axapta and OTM project
  241. Importing Actual Shipments & events
  242. Not able to POST data to OTM from SOA
  243. HTTP Profile: Purpose and Usage
  244. GTM transactionline xml with planned shipment xml
  245. Transmission stuck in FRESH status
  246. Ship Units created in a different domain
  247. Bill come from EBS but without term_id and term_name ????
  248. How to send shipment data to external system only once??
  249. problem with BILL ???????
  250. [SOLVED] Items specification and create trip ???