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  1. Can the transmission processing time be reduced
  2. OTM SNO Demantra Integration
  3. Way to extract bulk order release xml from one instance and load in other instance
  4. Regd outxml profile
  5. How to retrieve transmissionReport in response XML
  6. PO integration with OTM
  7. Inbound Transmission throws error while sending the Ack. Report
  8. ie_shipmentstatus
  9. Problem in sending outbound from OTM to SAP PI
  10. HTTP Post for inbound transmission not working? Not able to find issue
  11. updating ServiceProvider via Actual Integration
  12. Outbound transaction is fresh
  13. AS.CSV Template
  14. Raise Shipment Custom Agent via Integration
  15. Auto Calculate Stop Time
  16. Unable to upload Trans Order
  17. External Call Thru UTL_HTTP("https://<host>/servlet?parameter)
  18. Need to post CSV file from a client system into OTM server using WMServlet
  19. OTM to EBS thru SOA
  20. OTM Outbound Transmissions on SSL
  21. Null out field with Intergration
  22. Change of glogAdvisor@glog.com mail id
  23. Inbound Transmissions stuck in STAGED status
  24. OTM integration with Ebs OM
  25. High Transmissions affecting system performance
  26. Java SDK installation for OTM & EBs integration
  27. Transmission Report using CONTACT
  28. CSV upload via Integration
  29. OUTBOUND Transmission Errors
  30. Tender_response xml gives wrong status
  31. Out xml Profile for FinancialSystemFeed
  32. Tender offer xml decimal precision
  33. Document Interface
  34. HTTP Failure 400 at sun.reflect.GeneratedConstructorAccessor1359 for PlannedShipment
  35. Change Service Provider via the Actuals Transmission from EBS to OTM
  36. Integration to SMC Rateware
  37. Integration to Milemaker
  38. Integration Saved Query for Stop Numbers
  39. Urgent :- Deadlocks in OTM Inbound Order Release Modification Interface
  40. Configuration Setups are transfer from one instance to another instance
  41. Imbedding SQL in Inbound XML
  42. Tender Response
  43. OTM Integration with SAP
  44. OTM element ''GeneralLedgerGid '' which EBS element needs to Map
  45. Unable to start services on Application server
  46. Integartion through RFC Call
  47. How To Map Tender Response EDI 990 with OTM (What is the Process Flow )
  48. EDI 990: Response to a Load Tender
  49. Actual Shipment adding a new Ship unit
  50. EBS and OTM integration issue
  51. Tender Email notifications
  52. How send tender offer through External System using FTP or BPEL
  53. Sending Invoice details to SAP AP module
  54. Error on planning order with items created by integration
  55. Actual Update into EBS fails
  56. HTTP Error 500
  57. glog.integration
  58. Help, External System Exception
  59. Bring Shipment from 3rd party and marry it to OTM Order Release in OTM?
  60. Required Help
  61. [SOLVED] TenderOffer xml missing ShipmentStop Remark Qualifer Gid
  62. OTM interface with SAP
  63. OTM integration with Cheetah Delivery routing and dispatch software
  64. SAP PI to OTM integration problem
  65. Adding in more elements in Out XML Profile
  66. EDI 204 mapped to Release XML Document
  67. OTM SOA Integration Issue with WM Servlet
  68. Procedure on Order creation is behaving erratically
  69. Error description needed.
  70. Queue creation
  71. OTM 6.3.3 Cannot define Data Version ID
  72. Receiving a 401 error from OTM WebService
  73. help with query
  74. Help maped fields
  75. Integration Tools matrix
  76. Second Update from Carrier does not Update Delivery Appointment
  77. E2open-Webmethods to OTM connectivity SSO issue
  78. New UOM Configuration
  79. Inbound transmission stuck in 'FRESH' status.
  80. [SOLVED] XML file not posted to OTM from SOA
  81. Flex fields not sent in outbound release
  82. Mandatory Fields
  83. Error in Build/send XML integration for service topic: PersistXML=true, gauranteeDeli
  84. Unable to send outbound transmissions From OTM to ERP
  85. How do you make SOAP XML for a Rate Query XML
  86. Integration of OTM with OBIEE
  87. Integratin Saved Query for Invoice not working
  88. Integrating with OTM using WSDL?
  89. [SOLVED] Can not close the trip in EBS ?? Urgent ??? any one can help ?
  90. OTM = Demantra Integration
  91. Unable to commit shipment X because it has been updated by another ...
  92. Urgnt :- Error while calling IntXML Webservice Call to OTM
  93. Interface Transmission does not reach endpoint for specific WSDL and OTM Instance
  94. Diff Release Instruction Transaction in One Transaction XML cretes one OR
  95. Domain Structure mapped Object in SAP
  96. sample XML of invoice needed!
  97. Not able to send Planned Shipment interface to external system...
  98. [SOLVED] Communication method stuck on MANUAL
  99. [SOLVED] problem with planned shipment ?
  100. OTM Web services
  101. ReplaceChildren with Managed Child
  102. Buy Shipment not getting interfaced to BPEL
  103. OTM vs EBS: Location IDs and Service Provider IDs
  104. NMFC Class mapping - ShipUnitContentWrapper/ReleaseLineWrapper error
  105. Unable to View uploaded data
  106. OM to OTM Integration to get Ship Method
  107. Web Service Error
  108. How to update shipment event through shipmentstatus xml for a new shipment
  109. Insert STCC ID with Item XML
  110. Problem with "Included Xpath" length in the Out xml profile
  111. Hidden Shipment Events Display in Customer Facing Portal
  112. Modify Inbound XML
  113. MS Axapta and OTM project
  114. Importing Actual Shipments & events
  115. Not able to POST data to OTM from SOA
  116. HTTP Profile: Purpose and Usage
  117. GTM transactionline xml with planned shipment xml
  118. Transmission stuck in FRESH status
  119. Ship Units created in a different domain
  120. Bill come from EBS but without term_id and term_name ????
  121. How to send shipment data to external system only once??
  122. problem with BILL ???????
  123. [SOLVED] Items specification and create trip ???
  124. Order management
  125. Order Configuration come from EBS Issue ?????
  126. Sender Transmission ID or Sender Transmission No
  127. Multi Leg Scenario
  128. A message containing several XML of order release
  129. uploading Quote XML into OTM
  130. Oracle EBS 12 and OTM integration issues-refnum not coming
  131. CSV upload to OTM
  132. Need OTM web methods servlet link
  133. transactions processed in parallel or single threaded in OTM?
  134. Acknowledgement sent from middleware not received in OTM
  135. are there prof ?????
  136. [SOLVED] Unable to view the document in document manager when uploaded via XML
  137. XML - Invoice import
  138. Is there a way to trigger a bulk of data from an existing EBS system to sent t OTM
  139. MATCH SHIPMENT when use "By Saved Query" as matching method
  140. Issues while uploading Generic Status Update XML
  141. ActualShipment XML is not processed.
  142. urgent help
  143. Error OTM Transmission Report
  144. Integration transmissions arrive in OTM out of sequence.
  145. Error OTM Transmission Report
  146. Some ShipmentStatus data mapping questions
  147. Error OTM Transmission Report
  148. Inbound ShipmentStatus to OTM but cannot see from "View Shipment Tracking Event"
  149. Error OTM Transmission Report
  150. cannot find variable UPDATED_CONTENT whie deploying WshSendOtmDocument.bpel process
  151. Source Code for BPEL process: "bpel_PoSendPoToOtm.jar"
  152. Unable to find the Source Code for BPEL process: "PoSendPoToOtm"
  153. Error OTM Transmission Report PROD
  154. Sending single record based on few parameter to External System
  155. GenericQuery XML
  156. what is the problem ?
  157. Spot Bid Tender Issue
  158. Transmission to OTM is getting rejected
  159. Which Configuration file contains OTM Installation language
  160. Shipment problem???
  161. Uom problem
  162. Default statuses are not defined for order bases created through Integration
  163. Generate new Sequence through XML Integration
  164. Urgent help please
  165. How to resovle name conflicts when use xjc to build java object from GLogXML.xsd
  166. Hello
  167. Integration: Script/tool to post xml to OTM
  168. OTM Shipment reference number question
  169. Guidelines while integrating external system with OTM
  170. Convert datatype in xml in outbound transmission
  171. Capturing acknowledgement received from middleware in OTM
  172. Integration With IBM MQ Series Queue - Outbound from OTM !!
  173. Shipment Status Integration Issue
  174. ShipmentStatus from GLog not finding all XML tags
  175. Shipment Ship unit Quantity update via XML
  176. Transactions in batch from EBS to OTM
  177. No IMessageText in TransmissionReport
  178. No IMessageText in TransmissionReport
  179. TenderOffer Outbound transmission
  180. Default StyleSheet
  181. Outbound XML
  182. How to find the stylesheet
  183. OTM/Fleet management Interfacing and open API
  184. Customize BPEL Suitcase JAR for bpel_wsh_SendDlvyToOtmService_1_0.jar
  185. Failed to parse the specified XML Content
  186. Does E2OPEN support OPEN TENDER(Broadcast tender& Spot bid tender)?
  187. [SOLVED] EBS can only connect with a single OTM domain?
  188. EBS-OTM Integration : Unable to invoke IntGtmXmlService
  189. Order Release XML Inbound
  190. Access Control List
  191. How to use the profile option "OTM: Domain Name" in EBS - OTM integration
  192. Pull data from External system
  193. SOA : OTM call problem
  194. TransmissionReport from OTM to SOA
  195. AP Invoice BPEL Files
  196. EBS to OTM delivery interface errors out with Customer-Location not found error
  197. XML ibound
  198. How to link Custom Action , in Actions menu of Order release
  199. Planned Shipment outbound in 6.3
  200. CSV Upload on Cutom table not working
  201. Direct XML Insert
  202. Transmission no blank
  203. Could not invoke IntXmlService.wsdl webservice End-point URL from AIA
  204. Sending data to OTM
  205. Synchronous vs Asynchronous Web services
  206. OTM Integration with EBS
  207. Sending ShipmentStatus Transmissions to OTM from MS Excel (using VBA, HTTP POST)
  208. Exception while creating an external system in OTM using SOA 10g WSDL url
  209. OTM WMS Integration
  210. REPROCESS transmission action not working
  211. Document Management in OTM Version 6.1.2
  212. [SOLVED] OTM- GTM xsd
  213. OTM Integration Get Order Release Status
  214. Exception while posting the data to OTM/GTM using SOA10g
  215. Minimze the size of the OTM XML file used for external systems?
  216. Caught the following Exception
  217. Retrieve Shipment Data thru servlet
  218. Is it required to copy EBS Domain for Integration?
  219. Name not found Exception fro Data Source in Weblogic Server
  220. Posting GLOG XML having CSVFileContent Tag
  221. does OTM accept Wsdl 1.1 web service call
  222. AIA for Oracle Financial Management Integration Pack
  223. Trip creation in OOB EBS-OTM Integration
  224. Standard OTM-EBS Integration Interfaces
  225. EBS Site Level & Responsibility Level set up
  226. StringIndexOutOfBoundsException while invoking the OTM service
  227. Exception while invoking procedure from EBS Database
  228. Reg. Date Format in Inbound XML for different Date Elements
  229. Regarding GLog.xsd used in standard interfaces
  230. Communicating with PC Miler - in a different way - IF possible
  231. Utilize information received in IntSavedQuery TAG of the Inbound XML
  232. OTM and EAI Upgrade
  233. Difference betwen editing xsl in Design view & Source view in Jdeveloper
  234. [SOLVED] Turn off Tender Offer
  235. Significance of AQ Adapter for standard PO Interface
  236. Trying to use direct XML insert, question regarding enabling the proper queues.
  237. Anyone using IBM Message Broker?
  238. Import Planned Shipment
  239. SAW - Shipment vs Orders
  240. [SOLVED] Error while creating external system in OTM
  241. Shipment Status Update Error
  242. Reprocess Transaction using Agent
  243. [SOLVED] EBS_GTM Integration
  244. Multipart content type Xml's are getting failed in OTM v6.2.6
  245. PlannedShipment XML
  246. EBS OM to OTM
  247. [SOLVED] Significance of Include Namespace for External System Configuration
  248. Schedule Redo Transmission processing is not working
  249. Send data from OTM to EBS
  250. Error: XML parsing failed