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  1. Unable to find application composer in Oracle Cloud OBIEE
  2. How to Register report in OBIEE Cloud OTM
  3. reports not working after database change
  4. Multitab Report in OTM using BI Publishers
  5. Restrict Report output
  6. push csv report to FTP
  7. How to use FTI Dashboard?
  8. Out of the Box Reports in OTM Cloud 6.3.4
  9. Pass standard parameters to report.
  10. Report Development Document for OTM 6.4.1
  11. FTI Report
  12. FTI Report
  13. Report is generated as TMP file instead of PDF
  14. Date format in RTF
  15. Run load_status_script.sql during incremental load
  16. FTI My Dash Board
  17. User Preference for Reports
  18. generate report on screen
  19. Installing BI Publisher for OTM 6.4
  20. Process which runs at background when we initiate ETL through OTM
  21. ODI ERROR 26066 while executing One Interface in FTI-ODI
  22. Steps to be followed to start ETL Run in FTI
  23. Template Working In Word, XML-22019: (Error) In Report Manager
  24. Configure report with Tab's
  25. 3 Of 9 BarCode Issue in PDF
  26. BarCode PDF Fonts
  27. security model in BI Publisher with OTM 6.4
  28. The pivot table report cannot overlap another pivot table report.
  29. How to add predefined list to the Report parameters
  30. Beforepform and Afterpform functions
  31. BI Publisher
  32. Map OTM Status tables to HDOWNER schema
  33. Schedule reports to run on last day of every month
  34. [SOLVED] Error printer
  35. How to fetch data from multiple shipments in report
  36. The request could not be processed.
  37. Pagination in OTM BI Publisher reports
  38. add a column in report with default values
  39. Data Trigger is not firing in OTM BI Report
  40. receiving an error while trying to run report online by selecting multiple shipments
  41. Issue with OTM Reports in version 6.3.5
  42. FTI - Live Feed or real time data
  43. Generated file excel(.mhtml) corrupted while copying to folder in unix env
  44. Report only supports formats: [HTML, XML]
  45. Reports Log not getting update
  46. [SOLVED] Error Reports (They must match or the query template must be of an unspecified type.)
  47. Weights in FTI Adhoc queries
  48. report column giving scientific value 3657020010000240
  49. Report in XML Format to BizTalk
  50. Report output to email
  51. Error oracle.apps.xdo.XDOException
  52. java.lang.IndexOutOfBOundsException:Index0,size0
  53. Report Timeout Error
  54. Report Printed by (logged user name ) require in report when user extract report
  55. How to create Dynamic list..
  56. Change Subject and file name while sending Email
  57. Assign reports to the user based on Report Group Id
  58. Automatic scheduling of pdf report after print the report by user
  59. Removing Domain name from File name
  60. conversion to GMT format
  61. [SOLVED] FTI / OBIEE - Single Dashboard, Dynamic Branding / Logos (Custom Javascript)
  62. Regd scheduled report output path
  63. Display Country Specific Data in Reports
  64. Reports are giving error while trying to run
  65. Newbie - List of users with FTI Access
  66. How to change time zone for FTI reports
  67. Excel 2007 output error
  68. Disable or Delete the Schedule (Online DB) link in the Reports page
  69. calculation in a matrix/crosstab report
  70. Problem in receiving a report via email
  71. Add more than one record in a single filter ?
  72. OTM Report executing in 4-5 minutes
  73. RTF Template Issue
  74. Duplicate Records in Output XML
  75. Regd - OTM report output to FTP server
  76. Unable to mail/schedule areport
  77. Problem with report generation.
  78. Problem with report generation.
  79. Result Screen "Add to Export List"?
  80. How to pass the description instead of the id for finder
  81. Action calls in OTM 6.3.4 reports
  82. Date format not work in OTM Report
  83. sending saved query results to contacts
  84. Report Data not displayed in output
  85. Report Error in OTM
  86. Refnums are not consistent flowing to D_SHIPMENT_REFNUM
  87. Problem with generating multiple sheets Excel Template
  88. Impact Printer Recommendation
  89. OTM 6.3 can it print barcode reports to a zebra printer with or without FTI
  90. Max Limit for Email ID's is report scheduling
  91. Report not getting generated in report manager
  92. Need to add multiple email recipients to a report
  93. OTM< to FTI Data synch
  94. Reports not working in OTM
  95. Attach Report link to user menu
  96. Dynamic Report Parameter from Customized Query
  97. Login Failure FTI
  98. Exporting more than 5000 records from custom reports getting Error
  99. Bulk report generation - BOL
  100. Add new field to FTI
  101. How to check the data in FTI HD database
  102. Send Reports Generated from Object via Emal
  103. Getting incorrect time while generating FTI report
  104. Excel Output Format throwing error because of size exceded its maximum limit
  105. Connect FTI to other data sources
  106. Printer Setup Issue.
  107. Issue with report in Excel format
  108. ETL job errors for few tables while loading data to FTI HD
  109. Current Date Timezone Issue
  110. update query through report query template
  111. Sending Scheduled Report as attachment rather then link
  112. My report is displaying only header.
  113. schedule a report
  114. Scheduled report output on email
  115. Refnums in FTI
  116. Shipment x Order Release
  117. In-Memory Logistics Command Center installation
  118. B.I Publisher is not working
  119. Reports not working from Sub Domain
  120. Getting 'ORA - 920 Invalid Relational Operator' while using lexical parameter in OTM
  121. Query on OTM 6.3.2 and Standalone BI Publisher Architecture
  122. How to change name of an attachment in Email
  123. Migrating reports via dblink - LOB issue
  124. Configure Printer in OTM
  125. Eliminating duplicate values in Format Template
  126. OTM 6.3.2 - FTI Install rpd Issue
  127. Remove "All Choices" in the Create/Edit filter screen
  128. Getting "Failure of server APACHE bridge:" error in FTI !!
  129. Creation of dashboard in Fusion Transportation Intelligence
  130. Regd - Reports
  131. Extract Reports from OTM in xlsx format
  132. Error while trying to fetch the report in CSV format
  133. Which is the best way to draw container aging report in OTM
  134. Does anyone have list of all the reports that OTM 6.x provides?
  135. REPORT_LOG_PARAMETER table is not being updated
  136. Sending out a Report from OTM through FTP
  137. RFT Template..can xdoxslt:current_time function detect users locale/timezone?
  138. Multiple Select on Fixed List items in Report Manager
  139. Load OTM report to windows shared point location
  140. Report generation for a particular location.
  141. "Access Prohibited Error" coming while trying to access FTI
  142. FTI screen not dispalying for the user...
  143. Customized BI reports returns blank results intermittently
  144. NEW TO OTM, Please Help me in Configuring REPORTS
  145. OTM Reports VPD issue
  146. OTM 6.2 - Custom report filename not being set on output
  147. Documentation FTI
  148. rdf location
  149. Passing multiple shipment gid's to report
  150. Allocation from ordre release to shipment according to weights
  151. Running OTM report using Date and Time Parameter
  152. Standard reports in OTM
  153. Using FTI data in BI
  154. FTI Role Access
  155. Report Scheduling Issue
  156. How to call report from External BI publisher report Server
  157. FTI Report- no access
  158. How to get result of PLSQL output variables in report format
  159. Linked Queries and column alias Issue
  160. Send Individual Report In Body of Email vs. Attachment
  161. Using Business Monitors
  162. BI Publisher BOL Report for Multi-stop Shipments
  163. How to refer order line level in HD data base
  164. FTI Disk Space issue
  165. Reporting Capabilities in OTM
  166. Report has no scroll bar
  167. How to get Read Receipt in OTM?
  168. Running Report out of Shipment Actions
  169. Checkbox requirement in BOL report
  170. pass an hide parameter to BI Publisher
  171. in shipemt action, how to add more than one shipment_gid into one report
  172. Error in report page: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 20
  173. How to restrict report output based on user role
  174. OTM FTI - OC4J vs Apache Web Server and Tomcat - opinions?!?!
  175. drop down list in reports
  176. NullPointerException when run report
  177. How to Change default value for date parameter type in Reports
  178. Translate Where Clause to Pull Invoice_Refnum Table: URL1
  179. OTM how to automatically run a job?
  180. No Email to be sent - When there is no data for the report scheduled
  181. xml publisher cannot create a table which has more than 63 columns
  182. Dynamic Data Columns by group
  183. Adding Materialized View to OTM for reports
  184. OTM how to handle & symbol?
  185. Unable to Email Reports
  186. report error
  187. Report Parameters for Bill of Lading report
  188. use dynamic SQL to create an OTM report
  189. Dynamic URL in Bi Publisher reports on Word 2010
  190. How to call function in data template in 62 reports
  191. ETL Refresh
  192. Invalid number exception while running OTM reports
  193. Report
  194. OTM 6.2 FTI Configuration Issues on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.1 64-bit Platform
  195. custom views
  196. Query Performance in OTM 6.1.6
  197. TransportModeQuery
  198. Word 2010 and OTM BiPublisher
  199. Attaching large Excel files to Notify Messages
  200. Configuring Printer in OTM environment
  201. Reference Document for Report Generation
  202. Passing parameters to custom report from agent
  203. Need help on the Cost Savings Report
  204. How to Display the Parameter values with the query data ?
  205. Report- updation of subject line in the email
  206. Issue in Query temlplate in BI reports
  207. Creating Dashboard Parameters
  208. Order Release Line Allocation missing in FTI 6.2.4
  209. Customized OTM Report sometimes comes blank
  210. How to configure Printer
  211. Checkbox in Reports
  212. Excel Output format for OTM Scheduled Report
  213. how does defaultpackage in data template come?
  214. Using FTI - My Dashboard feature
  215. Report files PATH on OTM server
  216. Challenges/issues after installation of FTI on OTM 6.2.
  217. OTM6.2 have integrated which version BI Publisher ? or ?
  218. Not receiving emial notification of custom scheduled reports
  219. Custom reports in version 6.x
  220. HTML Report cannot Scroll Down
  221. Command line utility for converting BI publisher rtf templates to xsl?
  222. Splitting Bill of Lading Report across pages and nested tables
  223. BI Publisher - Custom Report Issue
  224. OTM data availability in FTI
  225. Declaration error while running reports
  226. Displaying rows into Columns (Dynamic Columns)
  227. Business Intelligence publisher reports
  228. formating output file name in Bi Publisher
  229. User Level Reports.
  230. Setting Indicators in the report...
  231. Reports timing out
  232. Printing Documents Automatically on Dock Printer
  233. HTML format issue
  234. Hyperlink in BI reoprt
  235. Error in Scheduled Report job status
  236. Exporting Data from OTM (Shipment x Orders -> Itens)
  237. Adhoc - Reports
  238. BI reports
  239. Reports Migration
  240. OTM Reports
  241. Scheduled report does not have attachment. It has link to report
  242. Report Parameter Length does not allow for more than 101 characters...
  243. BI Reports Size can Crash OTM
  244. SQL LOV for OTM report parameters
  245. BI Publisher Servlet parameters
  246. Need material for Virtual Private Database
  247. Getting Error in executing BI report
  248. Policy Predicate Error
  249. Documentation on column DEL_IN_OLTP
  250. How to modify otm reports ?